In Memoriam

Bonnie Jones, June 14, 1940 - October 16, 2005.

Here's how her first cousin, Ron Rapoport, once described Bonnie in an article:

She's the best medicine I know for smugness. Bonnie is two months to the day older than I am and she runs marathons, swims like a fish, has competed in mini-triathlons and is so healthy-looking that every time I see her, I want to go lie down. And just in case you think she might not have enough excitement in her life, she is the dean in charge of discipline for the senior class at Clemente High School. Bonnie is the daughter of gym teachers -- her father was Bill Postl, the legendary basketball coach at Tilden Tech and Schurz years ago, and her mother, Charlotte, taught at Roosevelt -- but that's no explanation for why she has the pulse rate of a teenager and I'm such a slug.

Tribute booklet (pdf)
Speeches from memorial ceremony (from Eric Zorn's blog)

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